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Sept 20, 2020 – Saoirse Elizabeth O’Sullivan, Martin Kaczocha, FABP5 as a novel molecular target in prostate cancer, Drug Discovery Today, 2020.

Sept 15, 2020 – H. C. Wainwright 22nd Annual Global Investment Conference

Sept 2, 2020 – Forbes: 5 Questions With Greg Gorgas, CEO Of Artelo Biosciences

Aug 28, 2020 – Millar, S.A.; Maguire, R.F.; Yates, A.S.; O’Sullivan, S.E. Towards Better Delivery of Cannabidiol (CBD). Pharmaceuticals 2020, 13, 219.

Aug 17, 2020 – Cannabinoid series: a CBD cocrystal for the treatment of PTSD

Jul 20, 2020 – Company Profile: CEO Greg Gorgas sees a wide range of benefits to medicines that work in concert with the body’s built-in endocannabinoid system.

Jul 2, 2020 – The pain management revolution amid coronavirus and the opioid crisis

Artelo Biosciences is developing a diverse portfolio of product candidates targeting the endocannabinoid system

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